Channel 4 News live in Tottenham

There’s considerable anger among people living in Tottenham in north London tonight following the inquest jury’s verdict of lawful killing in the shooting of Mark Duggan. His death, and the police’s actions following it,  were the spark which ignited the riots in the summer of 2011. It’s clear that Duggan’s family are furious with the verdict, a feeling clearly shared by many in that community.

Channel 4 News presented its show from Tottenham this evening. It was a masterful display by Krishnan Guru-Murthy in how to present a developing story at the key location. It was clearly a difficult and tense situation, with not only members of the family wanting their say, but other members of the public too. I thought Krishnan handled it very well in what were highly charged circumstances. It was gripping television.

Channel 4 News is having a good year. But that show will be top of some lists for the award entries when they roll around.

You can see the show here for the next week.



Author: Matt Walsh


3 thoughts on “Channel 4 News live in Tottenham”

  1. Thanks Matt. I was output producer/news editor on the ground – and it was certainly a challenging programme to oversee. However it was a brilliant example of a presenter skilled and experienced enough to react to circumstances as they happened – and unafraid to go off running order.


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