Free the Al Jazeera three – 200 days in prison.

For the past 200 days three Al Jazeera journalists have been wrongly held in prison in Egypt.

It is an extraordinary travesty of justice and one which should concern everyone with an interest in the media and free speech.

The trial was a mockery of justice. It’s hardly worth going over again, but Amnesty International has a good write up here, along with a petition in support of Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohammed. 

Yesterday Egypt’s State Information Service released this court judgement on the international appeals for the men’s release. It’s an appalling piece of circular logic and self-justification which should shame the Egyptian judiciary. 

With all stories there comes a time when the agenda moves on. When the focus of public anger starts to dissipate as journalists look for fresh stories and angles. But I hope in this case, we can continue to keep applying pressure and secure the release of three innocent men. 



Author: Matt Walsh


One thought on “Free the Al Jazeera three – 200 days in prison.”

  1. In conclusion, it is apparent that the convicted three journalists of Al-Jazeera English enjoyed few, if any, of the guarantees embodied within the ambit of the right to fair trial.
    Their rights and freedoms were often violated or otherwise infringed upon at any time.
    Therefore, it is clear that all the aforementioned complaints were well-founded.

    FTFY, Hany Georgy.


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