Most popular posts of 2016

It’s December and it is time to take a look back at this year’s most read stories on my blog.

Up at the top is always the generic homepage – that doesn’t tell me much so I’ll drop down to the specific stories people read.

  1. Once again at the top of the leaderboard is 2014’s post about John Oliver quitting The Daily Show and how I set-up The Bugle podcast with him and Andy Zaltzman when I was head of multimedia at The Times.
  2. This year’s predictions for the year ahead was the second most read item.
  3. In September I took a sceptical look at a report into how much the BBC was paying its journalists.
  4. The fourth most read story was a look back at my media predictions for 2015
  5. And fifth was a look at some of the fake news about journalism spread in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

Twitter, search and Facebook were the most common referrers. Facebook always surprises me as I don’t post blogs to Facebook but presumably readers share articles there.

Linkedin also put in a showing – although I doubt some of the figures. Linkedin always claims a far higher click-through rate than WordPress records arrivals.

Search terms on Google are usually encrypted these days so there’s little of interest in what has been recorded. Usually just a variation of my name and a topic.

Traffic by country tended to be predominantly the UK, the US and Australia. But with a smattering of places where I’ve done international work over the past year such as India.

In terms of total traffic, 2016 was approximately on par with 2015. 2014 remains the most active year in terms of postings, impressions and visitors. The main driver was the John Oliver story being shared by Andy Zaltzman and Bugle fans sharing it on social media and reposting it to fan-sites.



Author: Matt Walsh


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